E.L.O.S. Sports and Entertainment, Inc.  

ELOS App is a​ digital platform that allows fans to engage with their favorite athletes, influencers, and brands in a centralized location -- with JUST ONE CLICK! 

The ELOS App is truly redefining the standard across the industry.  This is ​a social media platform leveraging technology to help monetize athletes' social media channels. It also helps expand their reach, all while helping to facilitate a deeper relationship between athletes, influencers, brands, and fans without the middleman. 

Our digital marketplace provides a unique benefit for athletes.  We turn their likes and followers into revenue. We give fans the ability to purchase branded and or signed products all from one location at a discounted price.

We also give ELOS App users the ability to truly connect with their favorite athletes and influencers in real time, allowing fans to keep up with where athletes are making special appearances or just hanging out having coffee. 

This provides a way to connect like never before.  ELOS is more than just a mobile app -- it's a community.

Welcome to the opportunity to invest in the "​Amazon™ of the ​sports world" and the social app that creates the ultimate fan experience. 

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Our Favorite Athlete is our President & CEO

Maurice Evans

An 11-year former NBA Veteran, Maurice Evans played for seven different teams throughout his career, most notably the LA Lakers, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, and Washington Wizards. Evans also served on the NBA Players Association's executive committee for four (4) years. As Vice President, he was a key contributor during the 2011 NBA Lockout, which resulted in record contracts, increased benefits, provided more protection for players, and allowed both players and owners to share in more than $3 Billion of annual revenue. 

​Evans is a passionate entrepreneur and has invested in many startup companies over the past decade. His unique blend of business acumen has allowed him to serve in many C-suite roles within the sports tech and startup worlds.